Expert Brow Shaping Waxing and Tinting

Brow Shape, trim and tweeze only –

Brows will be perfectly shaped, tweezed and trimmed taking into consideration face shape and client preference - $10

Brow Shape, trim, wax –

Brows are perfectly shaped and waxed using our specialty hard wax from Italy infused with tea tree oil, providing a gentle and comfortable brow waxing experience. This strip free waxing application, helps to provide visual accuracy so that brows are never over waxed and skin remains stress free, resulting in limited redness and trauma to the skin - $15

Brow Shape, trim, wax and perfectly filled in –

This service will provide you with picture perfect brows…. brows will be shaped waxed, and trimmed with our specialty tea tree oil infused hard wax as well as expertly filled in and finished to perfection by a professional makeup artist for a complete finished look that is photo ready -$20

Brow Tint –

Define your brows with a brow tint that will be perfectly colour matched and always natural looking - $20