Finding the perfect hairstyle for your face shape


Are you heart, square, round, diamond oblong or oval?

The right hairstyle for your face shape can help accentuate your best features.

Simple rules:


Softer styles with loose curls, long or shoulder length. Keep it sleek and layered best when layering starts at the jawline.
Side swept bangs look dashing on you, and you have no problem pulling off those short spiky cuts.

Key is to draw attention away from your chin and make your eyes and cheekbones your focal point. Bangs will do this beautifully and hair should fall close to your jawline. Short hair looks great on you too but keep the layers longer.

You look great with shoulder length graduated layers. This will elongate your face and create balance. Bangs should be kept long and side swept. Avoid one length bobs or too short curly hair.

Layers, layers, layers... look best on this face shape. Avoid too much hair on top because this will further narrow your face. Adding texture with curls and waves also works for you. You look great with up do’s and ponytails.

Create balance by adding bangs as they will help shorten your forehead. Side swept or brow- skimming work best on you. As well curls and waves are your friend, they will help add width to your face. Avoid any extremes- not too short or too long.

Lucky you, you can wear almost any hairstyle, with this in mind why not use it to your advantage? If you have great bone structure then accentuate that with an angular bob, or gorgeous eyes, draw attention to them with straight cut or side swept bangs.


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